Tour the Chapel

Self-Guided Tour by Matthew J. Milliner

Wherever you are, follow these steps to enjoy an introduction to our glorious space!


Part 1: 

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The first segment covers the predecessors of the current Chapel. Starting at the steps of Nassau Hall, we'll discuss origins of the College of New Jersey, some of its early leaders, as well as its nineteenth century advances towards status as a University.

Part 2:

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The second segment covers the exterior of the current Chapel and the immediate historical context of its construction. The loosening of required daily chapel attendance will be discussed, as will the Collegiate Gothic style and the architect Ralph Adams Cram.

Part 3a:

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In the first half of the third segment, we'll go into the Chapel itself to examine what has been called the "finest Gothic interior in America" and the "finest ensemble [of stained glass] to be found in the western hemisphere." This tour takes us from the narthex to the Great North WIndow.

Part 3b:

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In the second half of the third segment we'll go from the Great North Window to the Chapel's zenith in the Milbank Choir, concluding at the Great West Window.

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