Music for Your Wedding

Organ Music

All music for your wedding in the Princeton University Chapel is to be coordinated with Eric Plutz, University Organist.

The University Organist or an organ scholar will play for your wedding, will assist you in selecting and planning your music, and will be present at the rehearsal as well as the wedding.  Guest organists are permitted, with the caveat that they will only have one hour of rehearsal time, on the day of the wedding, on the Chapel organ.  This rehearsal time must be scheduled so as not to conflict with existing Chapel events on that day.  Please inform Eric Plutz at least eight weeks before your wedding about whether or not you would like organ music, and whether you will provide your own organist.

The organist for your wedding will play for 15 minutes prior to the start time (as your guests arrive).  You can allow the organist to choose this music or assist in choosing the music yourself.  The organist will play until he/she is signaled to begin the procession(s) and will continue to play prelude music until 15 minutes after the designated start time.  If the procession(s) have not begun by 15 minutes after the designated start time, the organist will stop playing the prelude music.  When signaled to begin the procession(s), the organist will resume by playing the chosen music at that time.

In your wedding packet, you will receive a link (or CD if requested) to possible processionals and recessionals.  These have been recorded on the Princeton University Chapel Organ, and have been selected for their popularity and capacity to be shortened or lengthened to accommodate the size and speed of the wedding procession.  Should you desire music not on the link/CD for your processional or recessional, you are welcome to discuss this with the University Organist.  Should he be unwilling to accommodate your request(s), he will find another organist to play for your wedding.

Singers and Instrumentalists

The University Organist is happy to recommend a number of excellent singers and instrumentalists for your wedding.  All voice ranges and many instrumental combinations are available including brass, strings and harp.  If you wish to provide your own singers or instrumentalists, please inform Eric Plutz.  These performers will have 20 minutes of rehearsal time per piece, available to them in the Chapel on the day of the wedding.  This rehearsal time must be scheduled around existing Chapel events.  Additionally, the music they are to perform must be provided to the organist in the correct key.

Additional charges will be incurred for music involving additional rehearsal time for the organist, singers, and instrumentalists.