Candles, Flowers, Etc.

Adding Extra Beauty to Your Wedding Ceremony

  • Two floral arrangements are allowed in the front of the sanctuary.  They can be in vases or standing arrangements. Standing arrangements must be one piece per display, no taller than five feet off the ground and two feet in diameter at the widest point of display.
  • Two candles on the altar are allowed.  Special arrangements may be made for a Unity candle.
  • Decorating any part of the interior or exterior of the Chapel is prohibited.  Aisle runners are prohibited.
  • Nothing may be thrown in or near the Chapel before, during, or after the ceremony ( rice, birdseed, flower petals, etc.) . Small, hand-held bubble containers are permitted outdoors only and bubble machines and guns are not permitted in or near the chapel.  
  • No refreshments are permitted in or near the Chapel before, during, or after the wedding ceremony.
  • No receiving lines are permitted in the chapel.
  • Horses and horse-drawn carriages are not allowed on campus.