Audition for the Choir

Why Chapel Choir?

Here's a taste of what makes Chapel Choir special:

  • No arch is comparable to the Chapel. And we sing in it every week.

  • Be a professional singer. That's right, every member of the Choir is paid to sing!

  • Music mandatory, religion optional. Regardless of your religious and spiritual beliefs, you're always welcome in the Choir.

Sign Up for an Audition

Auditions take place during Orientation and the first two weeks of classes of the Fall Term.

Follow these steps to sign up for your audition online:

  • Click on this link to sign up for an audition.

  • Click on the 'Log in' button if prompted

  • Click on a suitable day and select a time by clicking the '+' symbol

  • Enter your details and click on the 'Save' button to confirm your audition appointment

If you can't attend any of the available open audition slots, please contact our director, Nicole Aldrich ([email protected]).

What to Expect

Your audition will be conducted by our director, Nicole Aldrich, who will keep it as stress-free as possible. There are three parts to the audition:

  • Vocalizing: Dr. Aldrich will guide you through some vocal exercises to figure out how high and low you can sing.

  • Singing a prepared piece: Choose a piece that you love and that shows your voice well. All styles of music are welcome! Dr. Aldrich can accompany you if you have a piano part. If not,  you are welcome to sing unaccompanied or with a backing track.

  • Tonal memory and sight-reading skills assessment: Can you echo back a short pattern the director sings? Have you had the opportunity to learn how to read music?

More Information

During the academic year, Chapel Choir rehearses every Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00pm - 6:30pm, and performs for each Sunday service at 11:00am - 12:15pm, with the odd rehearsal or performance scheduled outside of these times on special occasions. We also perform a major concert (and our music is recorded) once per semester!

Here are a few ways you can find out more about Chapel Choir:

  • Come to the Crumpets in the Crypt reception - dates will follow

  • Attend the Open Rehearsal  - dates will follow

  • Listen to our past performances. Selected recordings →

  • Get in touch with our director, Nicole Aldrich, or our co-presidents, Mary Davis and Chloe Horner.